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TuckerBush Bush Tucker In Our Permaculture Garden

The Glen Forrest Primary School P&C successfully applied for a grant to help the school establish a bush tucker garden within our permaculture garden. This grant will also include an incursion with Bindi Bindi Dreaming providing an overview of the Noongar Six Seasons, what plants and food and medicines would be in each season, an introduction to Noongar culture (traditional and contemporary), blessing of the plants into the ground and bushtucker tastings.

This week, our senior students enjoyed an outdoor lesson with Mark from TuckerBush, about the different types of native plants and their uses, then planted out part of the new Bush Tucker Garden. Native Thyme, Sea Celery, Chocolate Lily, Burdekin Plum, Lemon Myrtle, Old Man Saltbush and Gumbi Gumbi were the names of some of the plants that were planted.

Did you know that June and July is the Noongar season of Makuru, the season of fertility.

This is the coldest and wettest time of the year where the waterways start to fill, animals start to pair up and the Mali (Black Swan), prepares to nest and breed. It's also a good time for hunting yonga (kangaroo) and kaarda (goanna).

Sounds like a the perfect time to get some plants into the ground!


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