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Positive Behaviour Support

Team PBS Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to establish and implement the Positive Behaviour Support framework. This promotes a common understanding and consistent approach to behaviour that is supported by students, staff and the wider school community.
Through explicit teaching, modelling and encouragement, we will develop a
"Proud to Belong" school culture with high expectations of both behaviour and academic performance. We want our students to carry this sense of pride at our school and within our wider Glen Forrest community.
What is PBS? 


It is a framework for enhancing, adopting and implementing a continuum of evidence based interventions to achieve academically and behaviourally important outcomes for all students.

PBS Research Shows:


  • an increase in attendance.

  • students view school as a more positive and calm environment.

  • teachers report a more positive and calm environment and relationship with students.

  • a reduction in the proportion and number of behavioural disruptions.

  • an increase in academic performance.

If a child doesn't know how to read, we teach.
If a child doesn't know how to spell, we teach.
If a child doesn't know how to count, we teach.
If a child doesn't know how to behavewe ........
PBS is about getting the whole community invested.
We have started the process and now we need to get
everyone involved for it to be a Glen Forrest success!
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