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Glen Forrest Primary scores new footy jumpers

AFL smarties at Glen Forrest Primary scored a set of jumpers emblazoned with their design for their school in a state-wide competition.

Students wear the new footy jumpers designed by Angie Regan.

Year 6 students calculated a one in six chance of winning a prize but did not expect Angie Regan to take first prize and her twin sister Monica coming a close second.

The WA Football Commission challenged students to calculate the probability of winning and write a convincing reason why their design should win.

The prize was a full set of footy jumpers for the school in the winning design.

Physical education teacher Mark Bosworth said the new jumpers would be worn at next year’s inter-school lightening carnival.

“I hope the colours of the local flora, purple for the hovea and yellow for wattle, will help our students make a clean sweep against the other local schools again,” he said.

Written by Lynn Grierson Hills GazetteSPORT


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