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Glen Forrest Primary kids rise to the fitness challenge

Physical education teacher Mark Bosworth takes an early morning jog around the school oval with students in the 100’s Club.

Primary school children begin their day a little earlier in Glen Forrest to run around the oval before they settle down to lessons.

The 100’s Club at Glen Forrest Primary School challenges students to boost their physical activity three times a week.

Students last term completed up to 100 laps of their oval and many will continue to work towards 400 laps (100 km)!

Physical education teacher Mark Bosworth said the whole school approach to fitness was a response to a worrying trend.

“Current research reports from health departments confirmed over the last 25 years, rates of obesity have risen dramatically, physical activity levels have dropped and kids are becoming more sedentary with their lifestyle choices,” he said.

“Research has proven regular exercise before school aids students to concentrate and also helps with their ability to learn, but what I enjoy most is watching the bonds being made across the school, between all ages of students,” he said.

More than 20 students achieved 100 laps of their oval last term and four students reached 200 laps (50 km). Mr Bosworth said to top off their success, 22 students entered last month’s Perth Kids Marathon.

“We have not only had nearly half of the school regularly turning up to run, rain or shine, but also many parents, younger pre-school siblings and at least seven teachers,” he said.

The 100’s Club will move into the classroom next term to use the distances run by students in maths problems and to calculate the runners ‘virtual’ progress along the Bibbulmun Track and across Australia.

Written by Lynn Grierson Hills GazetteNEWS


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